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We cultivate long-lasting trusting relationships with our supplier partners with whom we work closely. We have always favored Quebec and Canadian manufacturers first, then European and North American suppliers, provided that they are innovative and have teams and distribution centers firmly established in Canada. This practice gives us the peace of mind of knowing that our products, accessories, supplies and cleaning equipment are of consistent quality and easily accessible because they are stocked locally.

Our close collaboration with industry leaders has not only contributed to our success, but also provides our customers with specialized pre-sales consulting expertise and efficient, attentive post-sales support.

Involved, we actively participate in the development of the industry

We believe in the importance of sharing with our peers and in the power of numbers to advance the industry. This is why Larose has been actively involved in the most important associations in Canada and abroad since 1960.

In particular, Larose executives have served on the board of the CSSA (ISSA Canada) and have been elected, in turn, to the position of Canadian Director on the board of ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association).

Larose is also a shareholder member of Balpex, one of the largest group of independent distributors and suppliers in Canada, combining over $1 billion in purchases from leading manufacturers. In addition to the opportunity to collaborate with Canadian leaders, we benefit from unparalleled buying power and our customers benefit from our very competitive costs.

The company is also a member of ADICQ, the Association for the Development and Innovation in Chemistry of Quebec, and Manon Larose is actively involved as Chairman of the Board of Directors, in addition to being a member of the Groupement business leaders (now called EntreChefs PME) for more than 10 years.

These long-standing relationships with leaders in their field expose us to different perspectives and continually shape our vision. Our clients benefit from our knowledgeable advice and a relevant offer of products and services at the cutting edge.