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More productive, more efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly and more profitable parts washing.

In mechanical maintenance departments, the automotive and transportation industries and machine shops of all kinds, washing parts by hand or in a soaking tub is a tedious and dirty job that can be hazardous to health. In addition, it costs companies an average of $6,000 per technician per year. Fortunately, this tedious task can be mechanized.

For over 25 years, Larose has been demonstrating the benefits of automatic parts washers because it is another way to CLEAN BETTER in an industrial setting.

Clean more cost effectively

One automatic parts washer can take on the work of three to four technicians or mechanics and save them hours of work washing parts by hand.

Automatic washers clean by pressure spraying with hot water and specialized safe detergent containing rust inhibitors. Throughout the cleaning cycle, the Programmable washing, the pressure jets dislodge dirt, grease and grime from mechanical parts. Perfectly clean, these parts are quickly ready for the rest of your activities.

Freed from this non-productive task, the technician is available to use his or her skills on more profitable tasks for the organization. A parts washer offers an excellent return on investment. 

Clean in a safer and more environmentally friendly way

Manual and soaking bath cleaning exposes workers to toxic solvents and harmful detergents that can cause dermatitis and respiratory illnesses. An automatic washer eliminates them from the shop floor to the benefit of users and the environment. 


CUDA machines have been proven in thousands of shops for 25 years. The many standard and optional features are designed to maximize your efficiency.

Made in North America, they are reliable, easy to maintain, and replacement parts and accessories are readily available. Choosing CUDA ensures an excellent return on your investment.

CUDA’s automatic parts washers are compact, yet large in capacity, maximizing work space.

Front-loading parts washer

CUDA front-loading parts washers range in load capacity from 500 to 5,000 pounds in a variety of configurations to meet specialized applications in all industries. Featuring many state-of-the-art design elements, Cuda front-loading parts washers are easy to operate by a simple and intuitive control panel.

Top-loading parts washer

Mobile top-loading parts washers are perfect for smaller applications.

They are very compact and can handle loads up to 500 pounds, and because they are on wheels, they can be easily moved from one work bay to another.

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