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Reducing the risk of food contamination where it is handled, manufactured, processed, stored or consumed

Well aware of the issues, Larose manufactures a complete line of cleaning and sanitizing products specially formulated to ensure food safety, in the plant, at the farm and in the kitchen.

An integral part of a complete and impeccable cleaning protocol, our high-performance solutions are designed to minimize risks wherever they occur.

In particular:
  • Eliminating environmental contamination posed by drains, floors and doorways
  • Eliminating the growth of micro-organisms on surfaces, equipment and utensils in direct contact with food
  • Dislodge dirt, grease and deposits from surfaces that contribute to the growth of microorganisms and clean charred ovens, fryers, griddles and grills
  • Prevent the growth of biofilms, often responsible for allergic reactions

Our flagship AGROCHEM® line includes all the cleaners, sanitizers, oxidizers and acidulants needed for food safety, including formulations specifically designed for use in N.E.P. systems. AGROCHEM® products are CFIA approved, and some are also ECOCERT CANADA approved for use in organic production plants.

Choose AGROCHEM® to prevent toxicoinfections and keep your facilities clean in a safe, productive and cost-effective way without the risk of damaging the surfaces being cleaned.

Beyond food cleaners, support.

From small start-up factories to industrial manufacturing, slaughterhouses, bakeries, cheese factories, catering services, restaurants and other businesses, Larose has a long history of supporting Quebec entrepreneurs in the food industry and contributing to their success.

Choosing Larose means joining forces with a partner who understands your challenges and who…

  • Supports you in implementing cleaning and sanitation protocols that comply with the HACCP program and CFIA and MAPAQ regulations, including staff training;
  • Simplifies inventory management and your purchases of cleaning and safety supplies, equipment and accessories essential to your teams, your operations and the complete maintenance of the building;
  • Handles the installation, calibration and scheduled preventive maintenance of dosing equipment, pressure cleaning equipment and floor care equipment.

With the peace of mind of knowing that you are supported by an agile and knowledgeable team that can meet all of your food safety needs, you can focus on your growth.

Need advice? Contact a food safety specialist.