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The consulting expertise and support we offer is what makes us different

Access to the most reputable brands and one of the widest choices of cleaning solutions is good. The active involvement of a competent consultant, well aware of innovations, to support you in the choice, implementation and evolution of solutions in your environment, now that is better. Support that makes your life easier, every time.

A know-how that stands out, a resource that makes a difference.

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Supported by a consultant

Larose is one of the few companies to offer its customers the benefit of a team of seasoned consultants, each with many years of experience in industrial and institutional hygiene. From the first contact, your request is handled by an experienced consultant who will remain your contact person. A meeting will take place on site to evaluate the methods currently used, assess your constraints and understand your objectives.

Our organization and our consultants are recognized as always being at the forefront of technological breakthroughs, innovations, scientific studies and new regulations and are considered precursors of progress and developments in cleaning methods. Our customers benefit from this. Whether your goal is to raise standards of cleanliness, reduce waste, cut costs, go green, or simply tackle a difficult cleaning task, your dedicated consultant will be able to provide you with an informed and proven recommendation.

Then, without delay, you can count on the collaboration of your consultant and the entire Larose team in implementing the solution and training the personnel involved.

Finally, as technologies, organizations and requirements evolve, the ongoing support of your consultant will be invaluable in keeping you abreast of the best available solutions and ensuring that your cleaning practices evolve with your organization.

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Simplified purchasing and guaranteed satisfaction

Our field consultants are supported by an experienced, technically proficient in-house team that is familiar with the specifics of each client. Together, they facilitate the management of your orders, deliveries and repair services, simplify your search for specific products and respond promptly to your needs for advice related to a product or a cleaning task.

In addition, our satisfaction-guarantee policy demonstrates our commitment to recommending a quality product that is perfectly suited to the task. In the event that an item is not suitable or is defective, we simply replace it or refund the money without any hassle and, if necessary, we simplify the process of making a claim to the manufacturer. Our goal is to make every interaction with us an experience that makes your life easier.

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Customized training, skilled trainers

Does your staff need to be trained to use new tasks or cleaning methods? Ensuring that your staff is well trained to use the recommended cleaning methods and knows the safe use of products and equipment is at the heart of our activities. In addition to transferring knowledge to your team on an ongoing basis during periodic meetings and follow-ups, our consultants are all highly experienced in offering training sessions in a simple and practical manner. Our employee trainers each have thousands of hours of practical and theoretical training delivered in their careers to a wide variety of clients.

The experience of our trainers ensures a teaching adapted to the various conditions in industrial, institutional and commercial environments as well as a great credibility with the maintenance personnel in training. This is an essential condition for a climate conducive to changes in work habits.

In addition, our large staff provides the flexibility and capacity to ensure simultaneous implementation on several sites when necessary, anywhere in the province of Quebec.

Do you have specific challenges? You simply want to review your cleaning methods with a consultant in order to improve results or reduce your costs? Please contact us.