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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Become a customer / Open an account

We regularly sell our cleaning products, supplies, tools and equipment to individuals who have discovered them in their work environment. Our stores are open to the public. It is also possible to place an order by phone for in-store pick-up.

We process all small and large orders. When an order is below the minimum amount for free shipping (see Deliveries) we must charge a $25.00 handling fee. There is of course no minimum order for in-store purchases.

If it’s easier for you to charge your frequent purchases to the company account, simply complete the account application form, making sure to fill in all the required information and your application will be processed quickly. Note that account openings with margins are subject to credit approval. The time it takes to receive the information varies depending on the financial institution you are dealing with. Typically, an account opening is completed within 5 business days. If your first purchase is urgent, it is preferable to pay upon receipt of the merchandise, pending your account opening for future purchases.

Online orders

Simply complete the VIP code request form. If you are already a customer, you will receive your VIP code within 24 business hours. From that moment on, you will be able to place your orders online 24/7 on our transactional site, as if you were communicating with our customer service department. 

Access via a VIP code offers a host of advantages that simplify the management of your purchases. For more information on the VIP Zone features, visit the VIP tab at the top right of this page. 


We assume the shipping costs, provided that the order respect the minimum rate in force, for orders to be delivered in the greater Montreal area or in the greater Quebec City area.

Outside these regions, we assume the shipping costs for orders respecting the minimum rate in effect.

Additional FCA shipping charges are applicable on each order. Rates are revised quarterly according to the FCA’s rate schedule available on their website

Contact one of our customer service representative for more information. 

We maintain a large inventory of products and supplies in our Laval and Quebec City warehouses. Products in inventory are available for same-day pick-up in store, or delivered to your site within an average of 48 hours. 

In the current pandemic context, our delivery times may occasionally be longer. 

Non-inventory merchandise is normally received within 4 to 7 days, except for special order items, which vary in length. In this case, we will be able to provide you with an estimated delivery time after your request has been processed.

Since we do not offer delivery to a residential address, we invite residential customers to visit us in one of our stores or place an order in advance and pick it up in store.

Search for a specific product

Not necessarily, it happens quite regularly that manufacturers modify product codes, or replace a product, accessory or equipment, by an improved version that carries another product code. When in doubt, contact us.

There are thousands of products in our online catalog. We also have access to a large number of suppliers and products that may not be in our current catalog but are available. Please contact us. If the product still exists, chances are we have it or we can find it for you.

Technical information and MSDS of a product

When you select a product from the product catalog, you will find a short description. Clicking on the list, on the product image or on the underlined product code will take you to the product page, with a detailed description and various links to the technical data sheet, the safety data sheet or video or any other information available for the product. 

Note that you will need to be logged in with your VIP code to access the MSDS for the cleaning product.

Equipment repair

Larose has a vast inventory of accessories, hoses and wands for Kärcher residential pressure washers. However, if the unit itself breaks down, you must contact Kärcher, residential division at 1-800-537-4129

Larose provides on-the-road and in-shop repairs for all Kärcher professional and commercial pressure washers.

Yes, but it is not recommended and will depend on the complexity of the repair and the age of the machine. You must know that the Kärcher manufacturer’s warranty on the parts and on the equipment itself stipulates that the repair work must be done by a technician trained and certified by Kärcher. Larose’s technicians are all Kärcher certified technicians and Larose is an authorized service center. 

Almost. Many customers have a fleet of different brands and Larose is able to service the most popular brands on the market including Tennant, Nobles, Nilfisk Advance, NaceCare, Tornado, Proteam, Cuda, Hoover, and others.

Yes, we do. Our on-the-road technicians serve the greater Montreal area, Laval, the North and South Shore of Montreal, the greater Quebec City area and the Lower St. Lawrence, as well as periodic planned maintenance in the Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean area.

For a service call for repair or a preventive maintenance call, contact us or complete the online service request form by clicking here.

Cleaning Tips

To stop the growth of bacteria and eliminate mold and mildew you will need to use a fungicidal disinfectant cleaner such as AIRx15 or AIRx44. In addition, these AIRx products contain the patented AIRICIDE odor neutralizing agent, making cleaning, disinfecting and removing odors a one step process.

AIRx22, contains AIRICIDE, a patented odor neutralizing agent. It is ideal for eliminating persistent foul odors, such as cigarette odors, from surfaces, carpets and fabrics. AIRx22 is also widely used to control odors in garbage chutes, soiled incontinence underwear bins, and anywhere there is a source of intense unpleasant odors to be neutralized. For very severe cases, AIRx22 can be applied in fine volatile droplets using a mister.

Whatever your cleaning challenge our experts can guide you. And because we’re agile, we can make things happen quickly to help you out. Contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you.