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Clean Better® with the help of quality products, accessories and supply systems that are efficient, productive, safe, durable and economical to use.

We manufacture one of the widest ranges of conventional and environmentally friendly cleaning products, and offer one of the largest selections of tools, accessories and supplies on the market.  

You will find in the left menu an overview of the main categories of products and accessories that will lead you to the transactional catalog of the best selling items online.

Can’t find the specific item you’re looking for? Please contact us. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.

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Cleaning products

The cleaning products developed and manufactured by Larose and its partners are based on the latest innovations in chemistry and biotechnology. And since there are so many of them, ask us for advice. We will recommend the right product for your task, the one that will be the most efficient and economical in use, taking into account your work methods and the equipment available on your site.

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Dosers for cleaning products

Many of the cleaning products presented are ultra-concentrated formulations. They are designed to be diluted and dispensed by ingenious dosing systems that ensure:

  • optimal dilution, regardless of the user’s experience
  • consumption and cost control
  • maximized productivity
  • ergonomics that make work easier
  • optimal safety for users and building occupants who are protected from splashes or incidents that may occur when handling open containers

These ultra-concentrated cleaners, for dispensers, are identified in the transactional catalog by an icon.

Paper products

Our objective is clear. We provide solutions that reduce your costs.

Expenses in paper supplies are significant in your budget and the right solution can provide significant savings. It starts with quality paper supplies, offering high absorbency and an appropriate dispensing systems for your application.

From industrial paper wipers, to bathroom supplies to table napkins, inexpensive low cost per case type supplies not only are unpleasant to use and less performant but they lead to more waste, higher consumption and higher cost.

Serious about reducing your cost and increasing satisfaction? Let one of our professionals guide you to the most efficient wiping solution, after a sound analysis of your consumption and a testing period of our recommended solution in your workplace or facility.

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Accessories and tools

In order to optimize your investment, we only represent manufacturers whose products, accessories and supplies are recognized for their quality, durability, ergonomics and performance. Well-equipped, you reduce your costs.

The range of products, supplies and accessories we offer is impressive and not all are visible online.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.