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Committed to manufacturing safe and effective cleaning products here in Quebec

We manufacture over 125 formulations, here in Quebec.

Based on the latest innovations in green chemistry and biotechnology, we manufacture more than 125 cleaning product formulations. Our products are recognized for their superior performance. They are used in fields as diverse as health institutions, senior residences, educational institutions, food and pharmaceutical plants, transportation industries, municipalities, military bases and manufacturing industries of all kinds.

Research and Development

Our research is focused on bringing to market products that are safe, environmentally friendly, and offer optimal efficiency and the best cost per use rather than the lowest price per liter. We diligently select reputable suppliers of raw materials to ensure a reliable supply of consistent quality ingredients. We favor ingredients that protect worker health and use the most environmentally friendly materials available. Our products exceed environmental certification standards and are identified with the Pro-Nature Solutions® or ECOLOGO® logo, where such certification is available. To minimize packaging and waste, our products are highly concentrated and distributed in ingenious formats and dosing systems.

This provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • More effective products for better cleaning results
  • Assurance of the right product for the right cleaning task
  • Precise dilution that reduces product waste
  • Better ergonomics and more productive work
  • Health protection for users
  • Respect for the environment

Do you have a specific need? We have the expertise and flexibility for custom formulation, manufacturing and packaging.

Manufacturing practices and quality control

Above and beyond standard practices for the manufacture of cleaning products, our facilities, procedures and quality controls comply with the stringent requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. The procedures (SOPs) and standards implemented in our manufacturing facility are regularly audited by governmental authorities, certification organizations and by our most demanding customers in terms of manufacturing practices, notably those working in the pharmaceutical industry. We hold a permanent establishment license from Health Canada for the manufacture of skin disinfectants. We hold a permanent manufacturing license for hydroalcoholic products from Health Canada. These licenses and certifications are only granted subject to a rigorous periodic audit of our formulations, documentation, manufacturing standards and quality control practices.

Compliance with regulations and certification requirements:

Our products, depending on the application, meet the stringent manufacturing and quality control standards of the following authorities:

Health Canada (DIN)

Health Canada (NPN)


Underwriters Laboratories ECOLOGO®



Mesurement Canada