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Our exclusive cleaning solutions for CLEANING BETTER®.

Choosing Larose means having access to state-of-the-art cleaning products and equipment and to exclusive technologies based on the latest advances in chemistry, biotechnology and engineering.

Beyond our consulting expertise, our solutions set us apart

PCS, a world first in disinfection

PCS, stable chlorinated products with neutral pH, a world first in surface disinfection.

Founded in 2012 by Larose and three Canadian partners, Process Cleaning Solutions (PCS) is exclusively dedicated to the research and development of cleaning processes and solutions that help to:

  • Protect public health
  • Protect the most vulnerable among us
  • Prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Protect the environment


PCS cleaning and disinfecting solutions contain no volatile ingredients, contain only natural ingredients, and are unscented. All PCS non-disinfecting solutions and cleaning processes are certified by the Envirodesic™ certification program. An independent certification body, Envirodesic™ certifies products for maximum indoor air quality, minimal environmental impact and sustainability, including the ability to be used around chemically hypersensitive people.

In 2019, PCS introduced NPH technology, chlorinated, stable, pH-neutral products. A world first, for safe surface disinfection.

Unique to the PCS approach, the combination of PCS products and processes removes organic contamination from surfaces without depositing toxic chemical residues, unlike conventional disinfectants. (These residues can be more dangerous than the organic contamination that disinfectants are designed to remove).

PCS cleaning products and processes are not only suitable for hospital environments, they are also perfectly suited to the needs of senior residences, hotels, maintenance contractors, schools, daycare centers and public areas.

Following a scientifically proven cleaning process gives you the confidence that you are cleaning to protect health in the short term and making a lasting contribution to public health.

AIRx®, the science of smell, patented

AIRx®, the science of smell incorporated into cleaners, disinfectants and odor neutralizers.

Simply put, the unique concept behind AIRx® products is to combine the patented AIRICIDE® agent with malodorous molecules and change the size and shape of the molecules. When they reach the olfactory cilia, these transformed molecules are no longer perceptible as the original malodor.

The principle of the round peg in a square hole. Great!

Your sense of smell and the AirX of odor control

In an area less than 6 square centimeters in size, in a dead end on the roof of the nasal cavity, thousands of tiny hairs called cilia cause a thin film of mucus that covers the olfactory membrane to move in its middle. When air is sniffed, it is drawn into this area of the nose and molecules of odorous material are dissolved in the mucus. Just as we can only taste substances that will dissolve in the secretions of the mouth, we can only smell molecules that are dissolved in the moisture of the nose membrane.

The cilia are rooted in thousands of tightly packed cells with specialized chemoreceptors for odors spread between them. When the cilia transmit nerve impulses to the receptors, these in turn relay the impulses to the brain through the olfactory patch.

Beyond this point, the chemistry and physics of the sense of smell are not well defined. One theory claims that each of the thousands of cilia identifies only one specific odor. Another theory is that some cilia can identify a small group of “basic smells”, just as the eye sees “basic colors”. The brain then mixes these “fundamental smells” to form thousands of different smells.

In any case, it is assumed that a specific odor molecule fits a specific receptor, just as a round peg fits a round hole.  The AIRX concept of odor control has many aspects, but the basic concept is to use AIRX proprietary components to combine with odorant molecules and change their size and shape. Thus, when the transformed molecules reach the cilia, it is like trying to put a round peg in a square hole. So the molecule is no longer perceived as the bad smell it originally was.

The treatment for the relief of a foul odor may differ depending on the cause. So, while each AIRX product contains the unique AIRX Odor Neutralizer, which is part of the “round peg in a square hole” concept, each product also neutralizes odors in other ways. For example, it is obvious that whenever possible, the first step in eliminating a bad smell is to remove the source of the odor. AIRX products do just that. Some are in the form of absorbent material, others contain powerful germicides to kill putrefactive bacteria that will continue to emit foul odors until the bacteria are completely eliminated.

And while some manufacturers say their air fresheners do not contain masking odors, we do not hesitate to admit that AIRX blends do contain such odors. We believe that household and odor neutralizer combination products should leave a pleasant scent as a testament to the fact that the cleaning has been done.

All the products in the AIRx® line, more than 20 products, contain the patented AIRICIDE® agent. From surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, disinfectants, and bio-enzymatic products to microcellular blocks and absorbents. Everything you need to clean, disinfect and neutralize bacteria and odors in one step, whether they are in the air, on surfaces or underneath.

Learn more about AIRx® disinfectant cleaners, containing Airicide®

Learn more about AIRx® odor neutralizers, containing Airicide®

TGV, brilliant innovation for floors

TGV, a single floor finish, very fast drying, for all types of maintenance.
A brilliant innovation!

Floor maintenance is a laborious, costly and often complex task. Motivated to solve the problem, Larose has skillfully developed a floor finish that addresses the drawbacks of finishes on the market.

Reduce labor costs associated with application and drying time.

Unique on the market, the TGV finish, a very high speed drying formulation, allows to apply several successive coats in record time (5 coats in 60 minutes at normal temperature and humidity). Thus, even with limited time, it is possible to build a floor with a deep gloss, which ensures maximum protection and durability.

Create a finish that adapts to all maintenance methods and frequencies. Not the other way around.

No more need to have multiple floor finishes in the building to accommodate the maintenance frequency of the space in question and no need to adapt your polishing frequency to the whims of the floor finish.

In addition, depending on the traffic and your preference, TGV is available in 3 formulations, each offering unparalleled gloss, depth of shine and durability.

Precision Solutions,
Assured performance

Product. Packaging. Dispenser. A unique design that makes it the safest, most efficient and most economical cleaning system available.

Unique to the products

The products developed for the Precision Solutions system are all based on the latest developments in green chemistry and combine maximum performance with minimum cost. Subject to ASTM performance testing, they have demonstrated results beyond established performance criteria at a single dilution of use.

Precision Solutions products are ECOLOGO® approved and contain the patented AIRICIDE® odor neutralizing agent. Each acts in synergy with the other to ensure a clean, odor-free environment.

Hyper-concentrated, the products are very economical to use and the time savings associated with the replacement of containers helps reduce costs. In addition, the reduction of packaging, waste and transportation minimizes the ecological footprint.


Unique to packaging

Precision Solutions products are packaged in containers that have internal sealed straws with built-in dilution nozzles to ensure accurate dilution with each use.

The straws incorporated into the containers provide the following benefits.

  • Precise, predetermined and optimal dilution every time
  • Resistant to spills – the container is perfectly sealed
  • Incorporates a self-venting valve that maintains the integrity of the container
  • Eliminates potential leakage through the neck
  • Prevents accidental spills and splashes associated with open containers
  • Eliminates the malfunction and frequent maintenance requirements of conventional dispensers that are prone to clogging caused by deposit build-up
  • Ensures the safety of users and building occupants


Unique to the proportioning system

The Precision Solutions system combines the latest developments in dilution systems. Its compact and versatile design requires less space than most cleaner dilution systems on the market.

Precision Solutions system is equipped with an E-Gap elastomeric backflow protection. This system is approved by ASSE 7055B and is accepted without any other backflow protection in most jurisdictions. The Precision Solutions dispenser incorporates patented Accupro technology for dilution control. Accupro eliminates dilution variations due to water pressure fluctuations.

Bio-Solutions®, bio-active formulations

Bio-Solutions®, ultra-concentrated bio-active® formulations, make biotechnology economical to use

Environmental biotechnology is not a new field. The use of microorganisms for composting, wastewater treatment and even cleaning has been common for many years.

Not all biotech cleaners are created equal.

What distinguishes the Bio-Solutions® line from others :

  • the addition of natural enzymes and bacteria researched and selected specifically according to the task in order to develop Bio-Active® formulations that differ according to the cleaning application and the organic matter present in the soils to be dislodged and digested
  • Its very high content of bacteriological supplements exceeds ECOLOGO criteria. This ensures maximum effectiveness from the start and remains at a level of viable bacteria higher than ECOLOGO criteria even long after the sealed containers have been opened.
  • Its ultra-concentrated formulations, which make it more economical to use than its competitors.


When used properly, Bio-Solutions® biotech cleaners are ideal for a multitude of applications, including kitchens, garbage chutes and containers, drains and pipes, septic tanks, restrooms, greasy floors and anywhere organic matter is a source of dirt and foul odors.

Enviro-Solutions®, green for 20 years

Enviro-Solutions®, certified ecological products that perform. PERIOD.

Larose introduced the Enviro-Solutions® line in 1999, the first certified green cleaning product line in Canada. For over 20 years, the Enviro-Solutions® line has continued to maintain its position as the “green” brand of choice. The result of constant research in green chemistry, the line is renowned for its performance, which is even superior to more harmful conventional products. For their part, the advanced dispensing systems contribute to productivity and ergonomics in addition to reducing costs. The Enviro-Solutions® line meets all the needs for a successful green shift. That’s why so many customers have been loyal to it for 20 years.