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Cleaning Better is about creating facilities that are cleaner than ever before, while protecting public health and the environment.

Faithful to its conviction of offering ever more effective solutions, Larose is recognized by its clients, partners and suppliers as a catalyst for progress in sanitation. Over the years, Larose has consistently taken the lead and has been instrumental in the introduction and widespread adoption of new sanitation practices and concepts. As an instigator of new industry trends, Larose has earned a reputation as a “pioneer”.


A pioneer by nature

Pioneer in green cleaning

Among the initiatives undertaken by Larose was the advent of green cleaning. A visionary at the time, Larose was the first company in Quebec to introduce a complete line of ECOLOGO® certified green cleaning products.

Among the initiatives undertaken by Larose, the advent of green cleaning. A visionary at the time, when most people doubted the relevance, Larose was, in 1999, the first company in Quebec, and one of the first in Canada, to introduce a complete line of ECOLOGO® certified green cleaning products. This was followed by long term educational work and a relentless determination to demystify green chemistry, to promote more responsible cleaning practices, to highlight the benefits and to demonstrate to our customers that it was possible to go green without compromising the quality of results or the productivity of workers.

For nearly 20 years, we have facilitated the green shift of public and private organizations, such as educational institutions, health care facilities, municipalities, industries and maintenance services companies, which in turn have benefited their clients.

Leader in green cleaning

Today, Larose remains a leader in green cleaning. We work with our clients to train their staff and implement even safer and more environmentally friendly practices.

Today, Larose remains a leader in green cleaning. We work with our clients to train staff and implement even safer and more environmentally friendly practices that meet the criteria of LEED or LEED-EB certifications and other recognitions that demonstrate good sanitation practices, such as CIMS from ISSA.

Larose offers the widest range of certified green cleaning products, including biotech cleaners and synthetic chemical-free cleaners, as well as a wide range of certified green supplies and equipment known to be safer for users and more environmentally friendly.

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Our Green Cleaners

Discover the certified green cleaners offered by Larose:

  • Bio-Solutions®, cleaners with bio-active® formulations (+)

(+) Learn more about the biotechnology behind Bio-Solutions

  • PCS, cleaners and disinfectants derived from a proprietary technology and containing no surfactants, synthetic chemical ingredients or volatile components (+)

(+) Learn more about the unique PCS technology

  • AIRx®, highly concentrated disinfectant cleaners, for use in the Precision (+) dosing system

(+) Learn more about the Precision System and AIRx® products

  • Enviro-Solutions® cleaners for the maintenance of all surfaces (+)

Our eco-responsible manufacturers and suppliers

As a distributor, all of our major suppliers have received one of the world’s recognized ECOLOGO®, Grean Seal, FSC or ENVIRODESIC certifications.

We favor environmentally responsible manufacturers and suppliers

These certifications take into account not only the products but also the responsible business practices of the companies. This is the case with our following supplier partners: Cascades, Essity, Polykar, Deb (SC Johnson), PCS, Kärcher, Proteam, M&A Matting, Americo, 3M, Rubbermaid. Several of them are also ISO 14000 certified.

Discover the sustainable commitment of these manufacturers

Demystify environmental certifications by recognized third parties

Easily find certified cleaning products and supplies in our electronic transactional catalog.

They bear the logo of either of the following independent and credible certification organizations:

Formerly under the management of TerraChoice, ECOLOGO® was acquired by Underwriters Laboratories, UL, in 2012. ECOLOGO® certified products have been represented by this mark since 2013.

The ECOLOGO program helps recognize independently certified products as meeting strict environmental standards that reflect their entire life cycle – from manufacturing to disposal. ECOLOGO® certified products have demonstrated their environmental value and have met performance criteria as well.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 in the United States and was the first organization to generate the environmental product labeling movement.

GreenSeal® certified products have demonstrated their environmental value and have met performance criteria as well.

ECOLOGO® and Green Seal recognize each other.

Envirodesic certification identifies cleaning products, buildings and services that contribute to "optimal indoor air quality" and sustainable practices.

The certification is awarded to products that meet rigorous standards for healthy indoor environments, including formulations that do not pollute the air, unlike many conventional chemical cleaning products.

FSC is the only forest certification system that protects forest ecosystems and rare or endangered wildlife species.

All forests that are subject to FSC certification must be assessed to determine if they contain areas of high conservation value and if so, actions must be taken to protect and enhance these values. Certified companies have demonstrated adherence to many principles including worker welfare, respect for indigenous peoples’ rights in land and soil management, preservation of economic viability or long-term growth of environmental and social benefits.

The Biobased certification, issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, confirms that the product contains a minimum of renewable material such as plants or products of agriculture, forests or oceans.

Many of our products carry our Pro-Nature Solutions® emblem when third-party certification is not required. This emblem informs you that the formulation is as green as technologically possible and assures you that the formulation meets current ECOLOGO® certification criteria.

When used for products we distribute, or for a cleaning method, the Pro-Nature Solutions® emblem means that this product or cleaning method contributes to reducing the environmental footprint and that we recommend its use in this sense.

Our green actions as a company

Beyond our expertise in green cleaning and our offering of environmentally friendly products, Larose, as an organization, is committed to adopting sustainable practices in its own operations.

Corporate environmental actions and sustainable development

In addition to the environmental benefits of the products themselves certified green, our internal policy aims to RECYCLE, REUSE, and REDUCE our consumption and that of our customers.

This commitment is noticeable in our internal practices, in the development of our products and in the choice of products distributed:

REDUCTION OF PACKAGING, (transportation benefits, storage and waste)

  • Manufacturing of ultra-concentrated products (e.g. used at dilutions up to 1/400) among the most concentrated in the industry. This R&D approach results in
    • Reduction of packaging waste (plastic containers and boxes)
    • reduction of storage volumes (heated, air-conditioned)
    • reduction of water transportation !
    • reduction of GHG and transportation costs



We implement environmental preventive measures suggested by the City of Laval (where our plant is located) to minimize the environmental impact of effluents during manufacturing. We are regularly audited by the City’s inspectors and we respect the recommendations for good practices to optimize the quality of water discharged into the effluents.


We recycle rejected base materials, batteries, scrap metal, used oil, cardboard, paper and plastic film etc. that result from the production, distribution and repair of cleaning equipment.


We have in place with our supplier partners a program to take back empty plastic drums for reconditioning and reuse.  We reuse packaging (boxes) of incoming products for packaging of outgoing products.


The implementation in 1999 of a transactional website and VIP Zone® personalized for our customers allows our customers to view online account statements, invoices, delivery reports by delivery site, personalized online price list, sample orders, purchase history, quotes. This initiative eliminated (reduced by 98%) the need to print invoices and statements that had to be sent by mail almost 20 years ago.


  • Our plastic containers contain over 25% recycled resin and are recyclable.
  • Our cardboard boxes are made of 100% recycled material and are reusable or recyclable.
  • Our product labels are printed with vegetable-based ink.



We consider environmental impact and risk in our transportation policies.

  • Larose was one of the first companies in the industry in Quebec to comply with the law on the transportation of hazardous materials and to use UN-certified plastic containers for bottling our products.
  • Our carriers’ routes are optimized through a route management program aimed at minimizing mileage.
  • In conjunction with our customers, we implemented a program in 2010 whereby we reduced delivery frequencies to our customer sites and instituted a “freight surcharge” for all orders not meeting a minimum, in an effort to discourage excessive transportation.