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Larose has developed a real expertise in understanding and satisfying the sanitation needs of the public and private transportation industry and has carved out a place for itself in this sector

Larose brings competence and credibility to the implementation of cleaning, disinfection and odor control procedures for managers responsible for the sanitation of vehicles and stations in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of users of public transportation (buses, subways, commuter trains, ferries), medical and ambulance transportation, and commercial airlines.

Larose has many major clients in the trucking industry who rely on Larose’s advice, products and equipment to preserve their investment and the integrity of exterior and interior materials and insure its maintenance at the lowest cost. Whatever the vehicle, an experienced consultant will recommend a productive cleaning method that will not damage materials such as Lexan, acrylic, rubber, fiberglass, or stainless steel, and will not alter paint, chrome, vinyl, or leather coatings.

The SUBLIME and INDO® lines are recognized for their performance in removing the most stubborn grease, insects and dirt, including graffiti, while the AIRx®, BIO-SOLUTIONS® and PCS lines clean and sanitize surfaces and treat the ambient air.

INDO® degreasers with rapid grease separation provide significant savings on wastewater disposal costs and have the required certifications (BOEING) for the aviation industry.

PRESSO cleaners are specially designed for use with pressure washers. As a leader in high pressure cleaning and the first Kärcher partner in Canada, no installation is too big or too small for Larose.

Larose is a dealer of CUDA parts washers, an essential tool for the mechanical maintenance of vehicles.