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cleaner floors

Cleaner floors, whatever the weather

…and safer too

In october, it’s time to check the state of your entrance mats and floor coverings.

Did you know that a good performing (at least 15 feet long and right for your traffic volume) is a great investment and helps reduce costs ?  A good entrance mat program retains 80% of the debris in your entrance, prevents premature wear on your floor finishes, avoids cumbersome cleaning tasks and floor polishing, but more importantly, reduces fall risks on wet and slippery floors for your occupants and visitors.

This is especially true as soon as the rainy days begin…

Unfortunately, many entrances have thin mats that do not retain water, sand or gravel and the need replacing year after year or paying for a costly rental service.

From scraper to wiper mats, and even dual function mats, there are many choices available.  The right mat for you will offer an effective year round protection for many years, will lower your maintenance costs and will reflect a better image of your organization, especially if the carpet looks great and has your logo in full view for your visitors !  Ask us to guide you to the best solution !